Rites of Childhood

I remember it well: The loose, wiggly thing in my mouth, wondering when it would come out. Pushing it around, testing its limits. And then, finally, out it came, that tiny, hard, white tooth.

And then, for the kids–the fussing and wakeful nights–as those first teeth cam in.

And now, the first tooth has come out.

In an episode of Super Why, Duncan learned that you could write a letter to the tooth fairy, asking her to leave your tooth (and a surprise). So he did. I helped him spell the words. The rest was all him.

And the back. It’s a bit hard to read, but it says, “I’m an artist and I don’t know why.” At the bottom is a turtle saying, “I love you.” While getting undressed for bath, Duncan suddenly declared that he’d figured out why he was an artist. “My Daddy is an artist. AND my Mummy is an artist.”

2 thoughts on “Rites of Childhood

  1. all too soon u will commenting on going to high school, becoming a teenager and before u know it they will be 18…. i know that u r enjoying and appreciating that journey and I enjoy hearing all about it

  2. Jan, I know. I love watching them grow up, seeing and helping them learn new things. It’s a joy. And I know that the weeks and months and years will just pass by, and they’ll be adults in a minute or two.

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