Rice is nice

My God, I cannot stop myself. From what?

Playing that FreeRice “game” and eating Girl Scout cookies. Why did I bring a box upstairs with me?

I’ve donated 1020 grains of rice and I need to stop myself. Must. Close. Browser. Window. My wordiness is about 39 (or whatever they call it, I closed the window, so I can’t check). This is where reading millions of books pays off — being able to waste time on the computer and donate rice to starving nations.

Ironic that I’d do it while stuffing myself with All Abouts. Maybe I should just ship off some boxes of cookies while I’m at it. Or donate the money I spent on the cookies, as that would buy plenty more than 1020 grains of rice. I was hoping I’d get to some magical number where the whole bowl would fill up.

Now that my belly is full of useless nutrients and my brain is full of cool words, I’d better get on with things.