There’s a revolution going on. Inside my head, inside my heart. I feel pushed and pulled to break the routine, shake things up. It’s time for change again. Did I mention I’ve been feeling restless lately? I’ve been figuring some things out. Slowly. And just a few things. Nothing too earth-shaking. Yet.

Just that I am a spirit that cannot be caged. That I need my freedom. I need to create. And even though I get into containers (often voluntarily) time and time over, I always feel the need to get out and taste the fresh air eventually. There’s a revolution going on.

And while the seeds are only just beginning to sprout, take root, and seem fairly innocuous and innocent right now, I have a feeling there is a giant tree growing that will break down the walls I’ve built.

I figured out that Spirit is the one that sees me. And knows who/what I am. And that’s all that matters. Not whether anyone else sees or understands. And with that freedom, I can allow others to see what I couldn’t otherwise. The fear falls away.

There are changes going on. Inside my head. Inside my heart. Layers peeling away, cracked paint flaking that tried to cover up a light that will not stop shining. And I find myself in a place of acceptance and calm, as I always do inside the chaos. I’m so glad to be coming back to being true to me. There’s a revolution going on…