Life as a freelancer has begun.

Thursday went well. (I took Wednesday off. I’ve had Wednesdays off for so long that it’ll be an adjustment working that day of the week again.) Even with taking Duncan for his 6-month appointment (and vaccinations and resulting cranky-clingyness) I got a decent amount of work done.

Friday…not so much. What did I do on Friday? A couple of hours work in the morning. Then Kevin went to bed so I was on duty. At some point in the afternoon we went out on errands and to the chiropractor. I do remember realizing what a luxury it was to not be trapped in an office and be able to be driving around in pre-rush hour traffic on a Friday afternoon. But then by the evening when Duncan was asleep (and he went to bed late) I was wiped out and didn’t manage to motivate myself to put in a couple more hours in front of the computer.

Today – today is Saturday. It’s the weekend. Work? Hah!

Actually, I’ve been cleaning and reorganizing my office. Basically that means I’m getting everything out of here that I can, like my PA system and speaker stands that are just gathering dust these days :(, pushing my desk and other furniture to the walls to make room for Duncan and his assorted belongings.

Like a play yard. I just got back from buying one off It’s huge – 38″ by 38″. Kevin hasn’t seen it yet. But I’ve made room for it and this way the little tyke and I can hang out in the office in the afternoons and I can get some work done. Instead of playing with him all day – which is what I did on Friday (and today). It’s big enough that he can sit in it and topple over and not get hurt. He can even crawl around in there too, once he gets the hang of that.

OK, back to cleaning and babyproofing (shoving my desk up against the wall at least removed the hazard of all those wires. It’s not the vision I had planned for my office, but whatever. That’s suddenly become not a priority.