Random weekly update: market, rainbows, birthday party

Another weekend is almost upon us.

Last weekend we went to the Saturday market with Christopher and Arthur. I find getting disparate groups of people together at the same place and the same time to be challenging. But we managed to meet up at the library then walked over to the market for a bit.

Mostly we ate lunch, then bought a few veggies. The bag of snap peas was obliterated by munching small children by the time we got back to the car. (Darn, raw, organic, freshly-picked, local green vegetables. I MUST get them to stop eating those. I, on the other hand, was magnetically drawn into a gluten-free bakery where I found chewy chocolate cookies.)

This photo contains the most people looking in the right direction at one time:

At some point during the week (back when it still rained in Eugene), there was a lovely double rainbow which I captured through the car window:

Just thought I’d share.

Since then, it’s been consistently hot and sunny. Which, really, is fine. A few days of 90+ is fine, especially when I spend most of it in an over-air-conditioned office.

This weekend proves to be a busy one. It’s Duncan’s birthday party tomorrow afternoon. It’s supposed to be a Pirate Dora themed party, although we may only be able to pull off the Dora part. We will have a treasure hunt, at least, leading to the greatest booty of all — the Dora birthday cake. Which I have to make tonight.

On Sunday, we’re heading off to the Oregon Country Fair. I will try not to sell the kids to any gypsies.

And that’s my random update for the week.