Quiet contemplation – day 38

It turns out that, given time and space all to myself, I’m quite happy. I like to think. And make lists of things to do each day — and then do them all. I didn’t make one for today, though.

I thought I’d blog more. I have plenty to blog about (I should make a list, then I’d do it, covering each topic post by post).

  • I threw Duncan a cool Wizard101-themed birthday party. I always research birthday party ideas and get cool stuff from people’s blogs, I really should post what I end up doing.
  • We went to England and France for 2 weeks and I snuggled my new little baby nephew.
  • I finished 2 knitting projects for the kids. And Duncan’s Moshi Monster sweater is a veritable work of knitting art that should be shared with the world (and anyone else enough crazy to take it on).
  • I’ve done lots of gardening and harvesting.
  • I’ve made jam. Lots of jam. With more to come.
  • I’ve thought a lot about what I want to be doing with myself. And then gotten on with it.
  • I finished a new song — the first since before Duncan was born.

So there’s certainly blog fodder.

Perhaps I should stop reading books until I write more words myself. I love words — reading and writing them — but perhaps my voracious reading habit fills up my need for words, relieving me of the need for writing them down.

I’m really enjoying this time. I miss Duncan and Berry terribly and have a countdown on the calendar for their return. But this time to be off — off work, off duty from the unrelenting joy of parenting young children — is precious. I’m so blessed.