Quickie update

I’ve been blogging like crazy lately. Yeah, not here. Somewhere else.

I’m writing for the Rochester insider — my own blog the ROC outsider. My mission: to post 3 times a week about my life in Rochester. Every post has some kind of Rochester connection, whether it’s going to the public market, donating clothes to a local charity, or other Rochester bloggers.

I have a long list of ideas of things to write about (if I could only find it) and spend my days thinking about how everything I’m doing could possibly turn into a blog post. It’s fun, though, and I am getting paid. So when I go out to do stuff, I’m really earning money… Hmm…I think that’s how travel writing works.

However, it hasn’t left me a lot of time/blogging thought power for this blog so it’s been sadly neglected. Well, that and working for a living, finding new clients, doing work for current clients, working on the business website, etc. has been using up my time. The Exhausto-Boy has been using up the rest of my energy, leaving me good for only a quick dinner, folding laundry and an episode of Charmed by the time he’s gone to bed.

I hear him wimpering in his crib after a nap, so I’d better jump off and give him some loving. 🙂