Putting together pieces of the life puzzle

For some people, smells have a strong emotional connection, tuning them into a time, place or person they associate with that smell. For me, there are a few images that have somehow become embedded into my subconscious. I can’t quite remember the memory they’re associated with or put a name on the emotion they evoke. But when they come into my life, they have an impact on me.

One of these images are white sneakers. I don’t know why. I have a vague idea that it has something to do with one of the Ghostbusters movies.

The other are puzzle pieces. I’ve loved puzzles ever since I could hold them in my chubby baby hands. I’m not sure what it is about them that appeals to much — perhaps it’s taking seemingly disconnected pieces and figuring out how they fit, making the whole picture come together to reveal something new.

The last few days, I’ve had a feeling of homesickness when I think about life in Rochester. The days go by quickly with work and school and home life and I’ve fallen into a familiar and reassuring routine. But even as weeks, then months, roll by, this new place isn’t as familiar as Rochester came to be. After all, I was there almost 9 years. I’ve been in Eugene since Aug. 1 – about 17 weeks.

What does this have to do with puzzle pieces? We had some furniture delivered to our office today — previously enjoyed from another location in the organization. Inside a cabinet I found these 4 puzzle pieces. Seemingly random, disconnected pieces. Are they even from the same puzzle? I don’t know. I suspect at least 2 of them may be.

Puzzle pieces

In relation to my life, I feel like I’m dealing with new puzzle pieces that I haven’t seen before. I had years to work on the pieces of my life in Rochester, trying to fit them into place. And now it’s a new experience, with new pieces to incorporate into the puzzle – new people, new places, a new job, new doctors and dentists, and friends. Some things feel more familiar and resonate better than others. In essence, they are a better fit in the puzzle of my current life.

What will the final picture be? I don’t know. I’m still filling in the corners and edges, building the foundation and boundaries of my life before the middle of the picture can be completed.