Professional procrastination

For someone who loves writing, I go to great lengths to put it off as long as possible sometimes.

It’s Thanksgiving eve, a beautiful snowy day in Rochester, NY. I must not have lived here long enough because I still think the snow is beautiful. The way it catches the light, the way it swirls around and sticks to your eyelashes and, in today’s case, camera lense. I was wandering around campus taking photos this morning. It’s cold out there. But beautiful. (see RIT’s campus spotlight photo for today)

I’ve got a wonderful, much-longed-for 4-day weekend approaching. My new computer arrived yesterday so I can now rearrange the office (foreafter known as the Recording Studio 😉 and get it set up and start laying down some tracks. I’m very excited about this. I might even be able to redesign the web site with less frustration as things will move faster (and I won’t be waiting for Dreamweaver to process my simplest commands). The future looks bright. 🙂

I keep getting messages that I need to write, write, write. Yet I resist. Both in the blog world and at work. Lately, if I can possibly procrastinate, I do. Compulsively checking e-mail helps. I’ll get over it.