Preggo update – all is well

I was going to blog last week about having Preggo Brain Drain. I did a couple of goofy things in one day — like forgetting to take the invitation card to the hospital’s maternity wing ribbon cutting that told me where to part and showing up to my book club meeting at the wrong book store.

I guess I forgot. Proof of the Preggo Brain Drain. Ha.

In other news, little D continues to grow bigger, is doing perfectly fine and well and healthy and is in a good position for sliding out of his mother’s body when the time comes. Mum (that’s me) is doing pretty well too, considering the unseasonably hot weather we’re having. Ninety-degree days in June — and several in a row at that — is crazy for Rochester. And it’s doing crazy things to my hands and feet.

Fortunately, we have 1 window a/c unit that goes in my bedroom (and is a fondly remembered wedding gift) so at least I can sleep without sweating gallons of fluid into the sheets. (lovely image, that)

And for anyone else that’s experience pregnancy-induced swollen feet, I offer this. Frozen socks. It sounds crazy, I know, but they feel sooooooo good. Dampen some socks, stick them in the freezer, then, when cold but not completely frozen, pull them on your swollen, tired, hurting feet. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh. So the floor gets a little wet as they thaw out. Who cares.

My mum thinks I should design and patent some freezable socks so I can make my fortune. Sounds like an interesting idea. I’ll get on it…right after my nap…. 😉

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  1. I like that term – preggo brain drain. 🙂

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