Preggo clothes no more

Well, that’s wishful thinking to be completely rid of them. But I am packing them up – the stuff that’s finally too big for me now! Plus the stuff I never wore anyway, or that’s strictly cold-weather clothes.

The annoying thing is that the maternity clothes I have that are smaller are all winter clothes. I have one pair of shorts that I got in the last few months (when it got warmer and I got bigger) that made it to the end. But now they’re getting hugely baggy. Oh well. And everything is too warm in this weather.

But I feel like I did something productive today at least. It’s hard to find the balance between resting and doing a few things.

On another topic, I realized I haven’t been taking pictures the last few days. Duncan has broken out in infant acne – a completely normal condition. But it’s not one that inspires pictures of his cuteness. He’s also started to get a bit fussy at times, which apparently is supposed to happen right around the same time as the acne. It’s all hormonally related somehow and should clear up in a couple of weeks. But still distressing.

But I believe in being brave, so here’s a photo of my infant teenager taking his first nap in his crib.

Time for me to grab a snack and take a nap myself. Hopefully that’s not wishful thinking.

One thought on “Preggo clothes no more

  1. Oh, James is going through that fussy acne stage as well! I guess this is the milder form of adolescence – the infant puberty.

    I admire you, Jo. You have such strength and are so good at writing! You’ve also inspired me – to wear my sling more often. I love reading your adventures with Duncan.

    Keep up the excellent posts!

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