I have a closet to come out of, people of Eugene*. It’s really more of a cabinet: a medium’s cabinet, that is. Not that I’ve ever sat in one — I don’t think people really use them anymore.

I’ve been very good at reinventing myself. Trying on a new facade and seeing how it fits — sometimes for years at a time. My last attempt — professional career woman — was so successful that part of me is still reeling from the loss of it, even as I type this, comfortably at home in jeans, sweater and socks walking at my treadmill desk.

It’s still the same wheel

The truth is, I’m all of the outward expressions of myself that I have ever been. Off-grid nature girl, small town journalist, chick-folk-rock singer-songwriter, copywriting work-at-home mother, ambitious donor communications manager, Spiritualist medium and minister.

Perhaps it’s because there is so much of me to fit in my life that I tend to put certain aspects of myself into boxes when they don’t seem to fit. Spiritualist medium + ambitious communications professional didn’t seem congruent when I moved to Eugene. So one of them got packed away for a while.

Plus, I couldn’t find any Spiritualist churches or groups in Eugene. If I wanted to do something, I’d have to create it myself — and with a full-time job, a live-in mother, two little kids and a disintegrating marriage, it wasn’t going to happen.

And yet it’s nagged at me. Much like my repressed memories of abuse when I was younger. I knew something was there, even if I was purposefully forgetting it.

Re-opening to myself

In the last few months, as I’ve purposefully pawed through old boxes of memories (literal and figurative), I’ve noticed that I am admirably surviving the experience. And with time to finally think complete thoughts that aren’t solely about my workload, kids’ homework or what to cook for dinner I’ve been feeling the prodding from Spirit.

Perhaps, I thought, it’s time for that box to be reopened as well.

I took another look around to see if I could find any Spiritualist or mediumship groups meeting. Surely there must be a few psychics or mediums meeting in Eugene? (Not that they’re entirely the same — all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.) We’re rife with Reiki healers and this is the West Coast, after all.

But no.

And every time I mentioned the dearth of such activity to someone, their response was, “Well, perhaps you need to create it.”


I hear you, Spirit.

So I did.

Calling all mediums (and smalls and larges)

We had our first circle last night, the Eugene Mediumship Development Circle. A kind and lovely member offered us her living room to meet in, as I haven’t yet had success securing an ongoing meeting location.

And it was amazing. I haven’t sat in energy like that in a long time. Not since I stopped hosting weekly mediumship circles at my house in Rochester after the kids were in bed. Spirit presences were there with us and the shared experience was just lovely.

The plan is to meet at least monthly, hopefully twice a month, probably the 2nd or 3rd Monday evening from 7-9 p.m. and another day during the day.

Want to join us? Have questions about mediumship? Let me know.  It feels really good to have this aspect of my life present again.


* I realize, people of Rochester, NY, that you’ve known this about me all along. I’m sorry if this post is anticlimactic for you.