Photo session with Grandma

Not to make any of the other grandparents jealous, but Duncan had a bit of a photo session with his Grandma (Kevin’s mum) this morning. Here’s one of my favorites.

In other news, his umbillical cord stump finally fell off last night – after 3 1/2 weeks! And his acne is clearing up.

He’s now had milk from 3 bottles and been fed by numerous different people (Dad, Grandma, a couple of friends at a baby shower today). I think he still prefers the breast, though. At least, I do. It’s odd, somehow, to see him be fed by someone else. It’s hard to stand back and let someone else take care of his basic need of food. Yet I know it’s very necessary, both from an emotional and being-able-to-go-and-do-something-else-for-a-few-hours standpoint, to have other ways of feeding him than being attached to my breast all the time.

I guess I’m learning that breast feeding (or any feeding) is so much more than just the food. It’s the closeness and togetherness and bonding. It’s so incredibly sweet when I burp him after feeding (and he doesn’t throw up on me) and he snuggles his face into my neck and we just sit like that for a while. Even at 3 a.m. It touches me right at my core.

I think I’m bonding with my child. 🙂

Which is a very good thing because I was a bit worried about the whole post-partum depression thing, knowing that I have a tendency in that direction. But I’ve been eating well and getting out of the house just about every day and interacting with the world and that helps tremendously – feeding my brain good nutrients and other-than-baby stimulation. So I think we’re doing OK.

And, tonight we get to break out the baby bath tub and suds up the cutie pie! Yes, this excites me. I just hope he doesn’t poop in the water.