Photo-laden update (but not up-to-date)

We went to the beach yesterday and I had the apparently unrealistic fantasy of blogging from my phone during the drive. I didn’t get to it.

I did, however, manage to finish listening to the audio book I started in early August when I went to get the kids from Rochester. Jennifer Weiner’s Little Earthquakes. It’s the first complete book I’ve “read” in a long time.

I’d hoped to catch up on tale-telling for the past few weeks. Duncan’s 5-year well check up where he knew all about the blood pressure cuff from visiting an ambulance with Kevin…

…and how he didn’t make a squeak when he got 2 shots (containing about 8 vaccines, I think).

Then there was the mending of Berry’s princess dress…

…which she has taken to wearing at every possible moment. We quickly learned that you can’t wear dress up clothes to Montessori school.

The library, however, is fine.

Then there was their friend’s birthday party at a roller rink.
Berry loved it.

Duncan didn’t.

The first trip with everyone in the minivan…

(we went to a nearby park).

The kids enjoy going over to Nanny’s house most days after school for a little TV watching (we haven’t shown her how to turn on shows on the computer – we no longer have cable)…

…and the princess dress is fine to wear to Nanny’s. 😉

Last weekend, Adam resurrected my old Toshiba laptop that died after I spilled pumped breast milk on it. I’d heard he was a genius. Turns out it’s true. Duncan helped too, standing by in case his tiny fingers were needed to reconnect little wires.

Or perhaps he was standing guard. As he and Berry now get to use that computer, much to their delight.

I’m seemingly obsessed with taking photos of Berry while she’s sleeping (or refusing to wake up in this case).

But she’s too adorable not to.

On Saturday mornings, we commonly take a trip to the library. Duncan and Berry love this globe.

And finding Dora books. And puppets. And anything else that appeals. It’s a great library.

Last Saturday we went to Adam’s nephew’s birthday party. They have a pool. Will really cold water. This is as far as the kids got into it.

Then we all went in the hot tub (which we cooled down to a kid-appropriate temperature).

And that breathless update brings you up-to-date with half of last weekend. More to come. You know, sometime.

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  1. Hey Jo! Great pictures, glad to see you and your kiddos are doing so well. I just happened to log in to twitter for the first time in a bajillion years and your post about this great update popped up! So glad it did. Looove Berry’s princess dress, she’s a girl after my own heart. Also love Duncan’s bravery at the doctor… we weren’t so lucky 😉

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