Our Country Fair adventure

Since I moved to Eugene last summer, I’d heard about the Oregon Country Fair. And that I had to go.

I missed it last year. We weren’t quite yet in Eugene. So I was committed to going this year. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone to go with me.

Not one to ever let going on my own stop me from doing anything, I dressed everyone in their tie-dyed best and hopped over to Safeway on Sunday morning to buy my ticket. Then off to downtown Eugene with Duncan and Berry to catch the bus.

I didn’t have high hopes of seeing much of the fair. I just wanted to *go* and see what it was like.

It was hot. And a bit dusty. I’d been warned about that. But it was also shady, with winding paths between booths and trees. Of all the random fairs I’ve been to, this appeared to be the best organized and most pleasant.

I’d been warned about the naked body-painted people running about. But didn’t run into any. Probably because we spend almost all our time in the children’s area. Where we made sun hats. Like these:

And checked out a cool, giant kaleidoscope:

And a jungle gym in the kiddie playground:

Finally, when the heat was too much (mostly for me), we wandered over to the bus stop and caught a blissfully air-conditioned LTD bus back into town. Duncan amused himself taking endless narrated videos of the trip and Berry fell asleep on my lap.