Oregon, here we are

This post has been in my head in bits and pieces since Aug. 1 when we landed in Portland. But MerlinMan’s reminder to make the “clackity clack” noise of the keyboard go for a while nudged me enough to actually do just that.

So, we’re here. Our house is sold, we have a rental house, I start a new job on Friday and have enrolled the kids (hopefully) in a Montessori school. Everyone tells me that things are moving along really well and that I’m doing a fantastic job setting up our new life in Oregon. They’re probably right. I’ve been envisioning this life for a while now and have been making lists and ticking things off as I get them done.

Things have worked out fairly well overall. They have not gone exactly according to plan, however.

I did not expect the children to repeatedly puke in our rented minivan while we were looking for a house to rent.

I did not expect the top 3 houses we liked to all have people living in them, 2 of which had no intentions of moving out by the time we needed to move in.

I did not expect to end up living in a subdivision (newly built – so new there is no cable) in a house as beautiful as this one. At least we’re on the edge and there’s a giant blackberry bush on the edge of a field right at the end of our road. I also did not expect something in the bush to grunt at me while I braved the thorns picking blackberries at sunset after dinner yesterday.

Everything else has pretty much fallen into place. And we are in a house.

On the plus side, I didn’t expect to magically lose 10 lbs (from emptying a trailer and carrying tons of boxes) or for everyone to be as friendly as they are. I didn’t know that the temperature would go from hot days to cold nights. I’m still getting used to that but it’s a pleasant surprise (as is the weight loss).

I think we’ll like our new life here. The kids seem happy. They’re excited to go to school. I’m very grateful for my new job. And I secretly really like having my Mum live with us.