Ikeep being told to do just one thing, focus on that and I’ll get somewhere. So I wind up focusing on nothing. Should I pick music? Or writing? Or crocheting winter slippers? I have a book inside me aching to come out. And a demo I still haven’t finished. But in trying to decide which one to pursue, I do neither, feeling guilty when I do one that maybe the right choice would have been to pursue the other.

I think the advice is of the best intent. But I don’t think it works for me. Either I do everything at once, or nothing. Either I go out almost every night and have tons of things going on in my life and find the energy for all (most) of them, or I stay at home and feel tired. Any way I do it I never seem to have the time/energy to play as much music as I’d like. And I don’t know how to remedy that one.

It’s not the first time I’ve felt behind on life.