One pound at a time

Here’s some post-pregnancy weightloss honesty.

When I went into the hospital to give birth to my lump of joy, I’d gained about 50 lbs from my pre-pregnant state. I like to say 49, but let’s face it, it was 50.

When I came home, I’d lost 15 lbs of that. 9lbs 3 oz of which was Duncan. I was disappointed. I’d hoped it would be more. The weight loss, not Duncan.

Within 9 days, I’d lost 13 more pounds. Wow. This breastfeeding thing is great, I thought.

In the next month (August), I lost about 6-7 lbs. That’s a bit more than 1 lb a week, not too bad. I was hoping for better. After all, the bigger he grows, the more milk he needs, the more milk I produce, the more calories I should be burning, right?

So far in September, I’ve lost another 5 lbs. I stalled for a week or two, then kicked the daily walks into high gear. Hey, exercise really does work!

If we add that up…that’s 40 lbs gone (and lovingly blessed on its way). 10 more to go. To get to pre-preggo weight. That’s not pre-Kevin weight. You know, the Ideal Weight I was Before I Met the Man I Cook For. Mostly pasta. And potatoes.

That’s my weight loss confessional. Now it’s time for a walk with Duncan. After a snack, of course.