One leg at a time

Or maybe just half a leg.

I thought that after giving birth, waxing my legs would be a piece of cake. After all, I pushed out a 9lb 3oz baby with no pain relieving drugs.

I was wrong. Not about the baby. I really did give birth to him. But waxing my legs hurts like crazy.

Over the past 3 months I’ve been doing a combination of shaving and ignoring the reforestation of my limbs. Mostly ignoring it lately. So I thought it was time to wax again. Maybe something has changed in the way I fee pain due to hormonal shifts. Maybe all the nerve endings that get a bit more deaddend each time I wax have had a chance to regrow. But, OW! That hurts!

I got one leg done while Duncan was still sleeping this morning. But then I heard him stir and knew he’d be hungry, so I pulled my pajama pant leg down over my sticky hair-free leg and went to take care of him.

Then I thought I’d finish the job before I took a shower while Kevin looked after Duncan. I got half-way through the second leg and gave up. It was too painful. I just couldn’t do it right then. So now I’m showered with half a hairy leg left and that’s the way it’s staying until at least the stinging subsides sometime later today.

What’s really odd to me is that the hair on my head is coming out in great handfuls (due to hormnes – this is apparently completely normal at this point post partum), yet the hair on my legs is stubbornly refusing to give up its grip without a fight.