Last night I kept dreaming the same dream over and over — I was going into labor. And I knew, in the dream, that it was too soon.

Rather, I knew my belly wasn’t big enough yet for me to be done with pregnancy. And I was sad about that. I was sad that I’d never gotten to really look like a pregnant woman.

You see, I still have a waistline. It’s just a lot bigger than it used to be. But until the uterus moves up a bit more above my belly button (which it’ll apparently do any day now according to my books and various Web site sources of information), I just look like I’m fat. I’ve got pregnant fat belly (like when a woman puts on weight but isn’t pregnant).

So in the dream I was sad that I was delivering already and that my belly didn’t get all big and unmistakeably-pregnant-looking. I think I was worried that the baby would be a bit small, too.

Dream analysis can be fun. But I think most of this one comes from real world stuff.

Two women I know are due on the same day in March. One is ready to pop the kid out, the other’s still enjoying pregnancy and being able to fairly easily carry the baby around (as opposed to it being an entirely separate entity). So labor and delivery is on my mind.

The other part — the baby being small — is my absurdity worrying that because I’m registering for mostly larger baby clothes (3 months and up) I’ll have a premie or tiny baby. My mum says that by the time I was 6 months old, I was wearing 1-year-old clothing, so I’m hesitant to get too much in small sizes. I came out at 8 lbs-something and Kevin was more than 11 pounds! So I might have a 3-month-old right off the bat. 😉

Seriously, this whole baby clothes and sizes thing is very confusing. I’m trying to register for the things we’ll need, but I really have no idea what they are and don’t want to end up with too little, or too much. At least I feel like I’m getting stuff done at work today (completely unrelated thought).