Weekly writing update – Oct. 20, 2017: My voice croaked, I didn’t

I rarely get sick. I’m too stubborn. I feel a cold coming on and refuse it passage through my body.

It usually works.

And it did, all last week. I felt something trying to take hold and I refused it entry. Until Sunday afternoon and it just hit me.

I’m blaming it on #MeToo, as my emotional system was overwhelmed with shared horror. My body was distracted from virus-fighting as it struggled to deal with the emotional recoil of reliving so many of the instances of sexual abuse and assault I’ve experienced. Add on all the times I dealt with catcalling and harassment and there are too many memories to even recall.

I started to make a list. But it was too painful. All these years later, all the work I’ve done, all the releasing and forgiving and letting go and some of it is still just too painful.

Once I realized I was unconsciously stress-eating cookies, I retreated from social media (a bit, as much as I seem to be able to) and the cold took hold. It wasn’t even a bad one.

But by mid-week, I’d lost my voice. It was just gone. Like it was gone for years of my life as I buried my experiences in order to survive them.

This post isn’t about those experiences. Or even the metaphorical and emotional aspects of losing my voice. This post is about all the amazing stuff I got done despite being sick and mute. I got kids through homework without a voice, people! I whispered my way through a meeting with my son’s middle school French teacher. I went on a date with my husband using a text-to-voice app. I am a freaking super goddess. You can take my voice, but you will not keep me down.

Writing accomplishments

Here’s the video, laryngitis style (with captions).

  • I fixed all known typos in all my books. If you find any more typos, send them to me. I’ll give you an imaginary gold star. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • I updated my Amazon book pages and author page. You can get to my author page by clicking here. (Look at all those books I’ve published!) ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Being sick is a good time for me to get little fiddly stuff done and knock things off the to-do list, rather than try and create new things.
  • I wrote a bit more in Spirit Circle Games, a book about mediumship development circle exercises. Basically, I experiment on my weekly mediumship development circle, then add the exercises to the book. This week I made my students smell each other’s energy to develop clairalience. I hope to publish the book in Spring 2018.
  • I figured out some technical issues that were giving me hangups about creating online courses based on my books. The issue being: how to do I both talking head/audio and a presentation in the course videos? I have two options: record narration over a PDF of PowerPoint slides or buy decent editing software.
    I think I’ll try the narration for the first mini-course I have planned (based on my upcoming Signs from Spirit ebook) and see how that goes, then buy and learn how to do proper editing.
  • Signs from Spirit ebook coverI did the first round of edits on Signs from Spirit, plus figured out how to make the innards pretty and created a cover that I think is fun.
  • I let myself heal from sickness and didn’t talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary for 2 days – not even my husband when we went on a date – so I could teach a 2-hour introduction to mediumship class this morning (it’s the first in an 8-week class). I don’t like not talking. It’s really hard. But, as my tea bag tag/fortune cookie/message from Spirit said this morning: Develop the power of listening.
    I did talk to my kid’s middle school French teacher, on Thursday morning, but that was it for the day. Other than that, it’s been lots and lots of listening.

Plans for the week ahead:

  • Get better and be able to talk again.
  • Get brave enough to start running at least 1 Facebook ad for one of my books. I don’t know why it terrifies me, but I’ve got some hangups about doing this. I’ve been doing some reading about the things I feel cluless about and I think I can move forward with it now.
  • Finish editing Signs from Spirit.ย Then I can create an online course based on it. And offer my mailing list subscribers something useful.

I’m sure I’ll end up doing more. But those are the top 3. I want to do more interview for Led by Light, Book 3, but need to be able to talk to people to do that. Initially, at the end of last week I felt bad I hadn’t set up interview for this week. Now I see the wisdom in my procrastination. ๐Ÿ™‚