News update: Still pregnant

I just got a note from a friend asking if I was still preggo because she hadn’t seen a blog update since Monday. I guess I need to blog every day to keep the rumors from flying and people from wondering. 🙂

Yep, Duncan is still happily ensconced inside the womb. He’s out of room in there, though. Poor guy can barely move without me protesting about the discomfort in my misshapen belly. I’d like to get some video of him moving in there — it’s pretty wild to see the butt lump on the left sticking out and then the feet on the right as the legs try and stretch. He’s like this big triangle – any time he moves one part, it puts pressure on the other two points (the third point being his head, down in my pelvis).

Today is my last day of work before I go on vacation/maternity leave (depending on when the actual birth happens – if it’s next week sometime, I’ll technically be on “vacation” for a few days).

My horoscope today said:
You’ve always thought of your coworkers as part of your extended family, and you’ve just hoped that they felt the same. Well, lucky you. You’re about to be shown just how right you are.

They did take me out for coffee this morning, so I guess that counts. 😉

OK, back to wrapping things up at the office.