So it looks like the nesting instinct has kicked in — in the form of cleaning windows.

Apparently, for Duncan to come into the world, all the windows must be CLEAN! Not so much the floors or door frames or whatever, but the windows must be clean and shining.

He won’t even be able to focus clearly enough to tell the difference at the beginning, so I’m not sure what the urge is. Maybe I know that I haven’t actually washed the windows in this house in the 2 years we’ve been living in it (I know, terrible confession) and I’m probably not going to get to it for another couple of years.

I will say, though, that my recent discovery of exactly how to pop out the windows so you can reach the outside from the inside makes the whole thing I lot more worthwhile. I just didn’t see the point in cleaning the inside pane of the window when it was the outside that was really dirty.

And window washing on the whole is a frustrating business, given that you’re trying to get 2 sides of a piece of glass streak-free clean. You clean one side, you clean the other side, you take a look at it, you clean one side again, you take another look, you clean the other side a little more, then you just give up and figure it’s cleaner than when you started. Streaks are just a sign of proof that you’ve been cleaning — like the creases you iron into your clothes by accident. It’s proof they’ve been ironed.

At least that’s how cleaning (and ironing) works in my house.

Should I also mention that my mother-in-law is coming this afternoon for some Memorial Day BBQ and my mum and best friend will be up next weekend? And that I scrubbed the tub and cleaned the kitchen too? (And all before noon!)

2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. Scotty spent a good part of Saturday washing windows. What does this mean???? Should I worry???…..

  2. Silandara, when you do windows clean one side from top to bottom and the second side from left to right. That way you can tell which side has the streaks without having to redo both sides.

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