Mystery bug begone!

The mysterious bug monster has been paying a visit to our house.

By “bug” I mean the thing that makes your child throw up on you as you’re giving him a cuddle before bed. Not the crawly thing that you can squish with a broom. If only nights without sleep could be squashed like that.

I’m starting to feel pregnant. Like when I lie down at night I’m aware that lying on my stomach just isn’t a comfortable option. At 18 weeks (4 months) that’s not a huge surprise. The ultrasound is on Thursday, so hopefully we’ll get to find out what flavor bean is growing in there.

Other than sleep deprivation and intermittent back spasms (and a very clingy 30-lb toddler who wants to be carried up and down the stairs suddenly), the pregnancy stuff is slowly getting better. But at 18 weeks I am still heaving every so often. And taking medication to prevent it. Only another 22 weeks, right?

Of course I was hoping that with the demise of the ROC outsider blog I’d actually spend time on this one. I think about it. I really do. I have things to write about. I’ve been going places and doing things. But did I mention the sleep deprivation? Between that and having lots of work to get on with, blogging falls by the wayside a lot. I’d make a pledge to get better about it, but who are we kidding? 🙂 What can I say? Enjoy what you get.