My unexpected path to publishing

My first book is published. It went live this morning. You won’t believe what it’s about.

Is it the long-awaited memoir about my coming-of-age in Barbados? Nope.

Is it the heartwarming story of Cherry making a magical friend and deciding if she’s going to listen to the truth of her heart? No, not that either (although that is coming soon).

It’s a coloring book.

Intuitive symbols coloring bookBecause, you know, professional writer, 15 years’ experience, aspiring author, loves to knit but has always felt bad about her drawing abilities = coloring book. Makes total sense.

I’m surprised, too. Which just goes to show how wild this life adventure can be when you relax your grip on the reins.

The power of meditation

Last summer, I committed to developing a regular meditation practice. I wanted to give myself time to get quiet inside my head and body and allow my inner wisdom to come through.

It’s been great. And awful. My inner wisdom has a lot to say. It’s quite happy to give me inspiration and direction, even if that seems to leave no time for sleep.

“Write a book about intuition.”

“Yes, inner self. That sounds good.”

“But first, create a symbol dictionary workbook.”

“OK, that’s a good idea. Every intuitive or psychic development course ever says to make yourself a symbol dictionary but no one actually does it because it’s logistically annoying and impossible.”

coffee symbols coloring book“Oh, hey, how about a symbol coloring book that people can use to get in touch with their intuition and learn what their symbols mean?” That was from my writing and walking friend, Jennifer.

I wasn’t quite sure about it at first, but the idea grew on me. I went through a couple of weeks of doubt and frustration as I tried to figure out how and where I’d get the images for the coloring pages themselves. I tried hiring someone through Fiverr. That didn’t turn out well. I tried drawing them myself. Uh. No one wants to color that mess in. (Did I mention I have no faith in my artistic abilities?)

color your way to intuition adult coloring bookThen I happened upon an artist with the perfect images for what I had in mind. The heavens opened and the angels sang. It was a Hallelujah moment.

After a few weeks of wrangling images, ISBN bar codes and coming up with the introductory instructional text and uploading (and reuploading and fixing and reuploading and fixing and reuploading) the files, it’s here!

And it can be yours. Intuitive Symbols Coloring Book: Unlock your intuition through meditative coloring has 30 fun coloring pages full of symbols you find in everyday life: coffee, cars, clothes, Christmas decorations. You name it, it’s likely in there.

Coloring is a wonderful way to get into a meditative state. And meditation is key to opening up and getting in touch with your intuition. And your intuition will lead you forward in your life on the best possible path for you. Even if it’s one you didn’t expect.