My toddler, the computer genius

Duncan loves the computer. He loves staring at the monitor and pressing down various buttons on the keyboard. Grabbing the mouse and tasting it is always fun, too.

Given that he sees his mum spend lots of time on the computer, this isn’t surprising. What blows me away is his ability to do odd things with the computer that I can’t get it to do.

For instance – he can log back into Windows using only the keyboard. I’ve tried. I can’t do it. He can also put it into “sleep mode.” Again, while I knew the laptop has a sleep mode, I don’t know how to get there using the keyboard.

He’s also done some other odd things, like turn on the numerical keyboard and left me stuck with every keystroke opening up an Alt menu. Fun.

Is this a sign of budding genius? Or just a love of pressing buttons? Maybe Father Christmas will be kind and get him a little toddler computer of his own.

2 thoughts on “My toddler, the computer genius

  1. Atta boy, Duncan! My son loves the computer as well. He came by to visit me at work. Within 10 seconds of sitting at my chair, he logged me out of Windows.

    There’s a program called “Alpha Baby” (Mac only, though I’m sure there’s a Windows equivalent) that we let him use on my old iBook. When it’s running, if he presses any of they keys, it puts up colorful letters and numbers, or shapes for the non-alphanumeric keys. It makes a sound with each key press also. You get out of it by rapidly typing “quit” or pressing some absurd key combination that kids can’t easily do. He LOVES it.

  2. Omar,
    You’re awesome. I did a search and found a couple of programs that work on the PC (not free, but about $20). I think we’ll be investing in that!

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