My tea is cosy

I’m not sure how we found the pattern. I think I was looking for strawberry images to use to make a Christmas tree ornament for Berry. Yes, we’re like that. We found some faux-Robeez in Target with strawberries on them and we were delighted to buy them for her. We’re going to do it until she’s old enough to protest.

Anyway. So I was looking for strawberry clip art/line drawings. And I found a pattern for a strawberry tea cosy. I had to have it. But I don’t knit.

Fortunately, I’m related to one of the world’s most fantastic knitters. (Ah, flattery, flattery. It works on my Mum.)

My tea cosy
I got this in the mail today. It deserves the humongo-sized photo treatment.

Just looking at it makes me happy.

Kevin gave me the awesome tea pot for Christmas. It’s a Made in England traditional Brown Betty. And it holds 8 cups of tea. I drink a pot every day.

Now my tea is cozy.

And we’re not alone in wanting to cover Berry with fruits. In the card Mum sent with the tea cozy she wrote, “P.S. What do you think about making one as a rather cute winter hat for Berry?”

2 thoughts on “My tea is cosy

  1. What do you mean : “flattery” ???
    Don’t you really believe that I am???… 😉

  2. I do. You’re an incredible knitter. But if I said that sincerely, you may not have accepted the compliment.

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