My mum has cancer

People are being so kind.

I do wish,though, I had some sort of respectable answer for “How are you doing?” I don’t know how I’m doing. I’m half-here, half-heartbroken. Still stunned. Sad. An inch away from tears. Lost. Torn. Do I stay hopeful and believe in healing miracles? I feel guilty if I don’t.

They say (they = the online resources I’ve been reading) that young children Duncan and Berry’s age believe in magical thinking. They believe that what they think and do makes things happen. Well, so do a lot of us adults, especially the ones who have a metaphysical bent.

Mum’s cancer is in her liver and lungs. There’s lots of it. She looks quite normal on the outside, but the scans of her innards tell another story. It’s still mind boggling to me.

Here’s Mum and Berry after the kids’ ballet recital on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “My mum has cancer

  1. Oh Silandara, I’m so sorry to hear this. What devastating news for your family.

    My mom also had lung and liver cancer. Call me sometime if you’d like to talk.

  2. Jo-
    SO sorry to see this. I just adore your mom (mum). Always loved when she came to visit in Rochester. Please tell her I said hello. I’m sending prayers, white light, healing thoughts to her and all of you. And a really big hug. -Sarah Boyce

  3. Thinking of you…

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