My horrible sickness and an awesome play date

Last night i was puking everywhere! it was not very fun. Now I’m homesick from school! I was watching Netflix and now I’m writing this post.

Yesterday i went and played with Flynn. He had another play date and he was going to go to his house. His friend was going to pick him up. When Flynn’s mom, Victoria  said that he was going to come soon, Flynn said: “Can’t Berry stay until he comes?” I thought that was very sweet, and so did Victoria. But Victoria said that wasn’t the proper way to greet people. Then Flynn asked if after their play date that he could have another play date with me. Victoria said that would be fine if my parents would let me. Sure enough, they did.

After his play date, he came over to my house. Then he told me about how that at their play date the gerbils got loose because they by accident they left the top of the cage off and then the rest of the play date they were chasing the gerbils around trying to catch them.

Emma, my sister, also had a play date. Her play mate’s name was Ella. She was funny.

Then, me and Flynn played in the basement. Duncan came and played ‘White floor’s  lava’ and Duncan claimed the hard part of the basement. I claimed the moving island (the treadmill) and I could choose whatever speed i want and could do up to 3 mph to keep unwanted people off.

That’s all for this post, BYE!