My first act of citizenship

I did something today I’ve been unable to do in the 15 years I’ve lived in the United States. I voted.

There’s not a lot else I get to do as a citizen — rather than as the permanent resident I was. Voting. Going to an American jail rather than being deported (depending on the crime I was convicted of — which I plan never to experience). Eligibility for a government job. Having an American passport. That’s about it.

I do also get to hold the same citizenship as my husband, son and soon-to-be second offspring. A comforting thought. But I’ve always wanted to vote.

Granted, I’m probably not as informed on all the issues as I could be. I don’t know all the judges’ sentencing records. I haven’t read everything every candidate has had to say on every issue. I’m also not sure what party I’d belong to if I had to choose one. Fortunately I don’t.

Our polling place is the school at the end of the street (conveniently located next to a playground), so Kevin, Duncan and I took a stroll down this morning and each collected our “I Voted Today!” sticker. Duncan ran around the gymnasium while Kevin voted and someone explained how the voting machine works to me. Then they went to the playground so I could come home and work…or blog.

One thought on “My first act of citizenship

  1. Hi Silandara… and thanks for blogging my D&C site!

    Good for you… voting, that is. My son is eligible for the first time this year and dutifully registered for an absentee ballot to complete from college. Unfortunately, he neglected to check the submission date and missed it! Oh well, that’s the way he learns.

    We should catch up over breakfast sometime if you dare bring Duncan to a restaurant. I well remember the years I dreaded trying that…!

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