Mum’s wedding dress


Just found Mum’s wedding dress as I haphazardly go through her things. I’m through most of it now and am ready to call in friends and family to help prepare the rest for an estate sale this weekend.

Adam is somewhat dismayed at the number of boxes that have entered our house. I will find homes for all of it, though.

I didn’t know Mum had kept her wedding dress from all those years ago. I suspect, in one of the many bins of old photos, her wedding album is there, too. I foolishly plan to keep all of Mum’s never-used photo albums and put them in over the next week or so. A girl can have dreams. It’s more likely than her dress ever fitting me.

One thought on “Mum’s wedding dress

  1. Easy solution to do both – don’t eat until all the albums are sorted.

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