Muddy kids are happy kids

I really love that Duncan and Berry enjoy “helping” me in the garden. At times, they’re not so helpful and need frequent reminders not to throw soil, mulch or whatever it is that they are playing with at the time. But, given the right direction and lots of patience, they can actually do useful things.

This past weekend, they helped me put mulch down in the front yard. I weeded, they mulched. It went quite well for a good 20 minutes before the mulch throwing began.

At another point in the weekend, we spent some time at Adam’s house and worked/played in his garden. Here, Berry attempts to mix soil and even it out in one raised bed.

And then we planted lettuce seedlings. Duncan was busy looking for garden fairies, but I’m sure he’ll help poke holes when it’s time to put some in our garden at home.