Moving the blog and two new teeth

Important things first — we have 2 new teeth. Rather, Duncan has. The two top teeth are (finally) coming through.

I say finally only because it’s been a 2-month “break” since the bottom two teeth emerged. But it hasn’t been a break at all. We got maybe a couple of weeks of no teething and then it started up again in fits and spurts but with nothing to show for it.

So now Duncan has teeth P, O, E and F. (Thanks, Jen, for the tooth chart.)

Moving the blog
I’ve been considering moving to a different blogging software for a while. As much as I love the ease of Blogger (and I’ve been with Blogger since the beginning so I have some feelings of loyalty too), it doesn’t let you do a bunch of stuff that I’d like to do. Like categorize posts. Or edit my template offline and use more CSS. (I guess it would let me do that if I set it up, but that’s too much of a pain right now.)

I’ve been talking and thinking on and off about doing more with this blog — like writing product reviews, having more AdSense links, writing about writing and my new PR business (site is still being worked on). And for a while I thought I’d have 2 blogs. But, really, who has time? And half of what I’m “selling” is me – the me you know (and love! 😉 from this blog.

The cool thing about this blog and site is that it’s evolved over time as I’ve changed and taken my life in new directions. Back in 1996 when I uploaded my first site, it was a whole lot different than it is now. From there, it evolved — from photos to poetry to music to ramblings about Duncan and life as a mum.

So. I think I’m going to move it over to a WordPress blog installation on my server. I probably won’t keep all of the archives online. How much of my past 4 years do we really need to keep public and searchable anyway? (My first post was sometime in March 2002.)