Today is two things.

Duncan is 2 months old. 🙂
(Does that mean we get to eat cake? Yes, yes, I still have 13 preggo pounds to go…no cake for me)

I moved to the United States 14 years ago.
(Well, it was either Sept. 20 or 21. I get a little fuzzy about the exact day, but I’m pretty sure it was the 20th.)

As synchornicity would have it, yesterday I applied for U.S. Citizenship. And finally changed the name on my driver’s license after being married for 2 years already. I’d been meaning to do both for a while, but somehow having a child brings things into a new perspective.

Duncan and I have different last names as I chose to hyphenate (and thus drive the DMV tellers crazy as my name does not fit on my license. I am now Last-Name, S, J. They can’t get my first name on there — or any part of it longer than the initial — or even both of my middle initials. Crappy. Oh well). So I thought I should get that hyphenated bit on there so we have some name connection.

And I thought that since Duncan and Kevin are both Americans, and I have been here 14 years, I should become one too.

It practically took all day (had to go back to the DMV as their computers were down and they couldn’t process the license application and the photos for the U.S. Citizenship application took a while, too), but it’s done. Now I guess I wait and see what I do next.

Oh, eat cake to celebrate Duncan’s 2-month birthday, that’s right. 😉

One thought on “Milestones

  1. Ah, so he is a July 20 baby after all? I wondered if he shared my birthday, but I don’t remember reading the official date on your blog.

    Good day for a birthday. We landed on the moon on July 20, how can you go wrong? 😉

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