Milestones (for the Mummy)

Today I put away the 9-month-size sleepers for my not-quite-7-month-old baby. I also extinguished hope that I’d find cotton footed sleepers that fit him.

Instead I focused on getting him any kind of sleepwear with long sleeves. Because baby fashion follows the same seasons as adult fasion. I.e. not whatever season you’re currently in and need to buy clothes for.

Do people really buy summer outfits when it’s 20 F? Are they crazy?

So there are no long-sleeved pajamas, one-piece, two-piece or otherwise, in any mall store in Rochester, N.Y. Just in case you were going to check. Don’t. I already did. At least I got some exercise.

I finally came upon some long-sleeved two-piece PJs (like the kind we wear, just in baby size) at Old Navy in the mall and Kids 4 Ever down the road. Not ideal for a 7 month old, but better than…nothing. Which was my other option as the sleepers we’ve been using are looking like summer fashion themselves with their “3/4 sleeves.” And I can barely get the snaps done at the crotch. So they go into the big green plastic tote of baby clothes he’s already grown through.

In other milestones, we moved the crib mattress down today. That was hard for me. Not just physically hard — which it was as those things are a bugger to screw and unscrew, the sides of the crib being perfectly in the way, but I had Kevin’s help for that. It was an emotional kinda thing. The lowering of the crib mattress. My baby growing up. Getting ready to crawl. Soon he’ll be peering at me over the crib railing, teeth knawing on the rail guard.

That’ll come after he learns to roll from tummy to back. He’s got the back to tummy down. He’s done it twice tonight in his sleep. And woken up wailing as he has no idea how to get back.

He may also be screaming in his sleep because he had his first taste of formula this week. Dairy based. The superfluence of milk cubes that I produced from pumping at work while Sir Duncan refused the bottle has diminished. It’s been entirely consumed, save for 3 6-oz bottles of milk stashed in case I want to leave the house for more than a few hours. (Mostly I nurse before I leave, then he can have a meal while I’m gone, so that extends my allowable time away. Unless it’s at bedtime, then he needs a bottle.)

So I have nothing to mix in his cereal, and plain water just doesn’t seem right at his age. Seems like he should have the added nutrition of breast milk or formula. He’s consumed an entire 3 oz of formula so far, yet still I feel guilty. I’m pretty nervous it’s going to cause a reaction, given Kevin’s relationship with all things dairy.

Is the waking up screaming a sign of intolerance? Or is it just teething? It’s been a full month since the last tooth emerged, another should be on its way soon.

I haven’t been posting much lately — I thought I’d be back to posting all the time once I started working at home. Yeah. So much for semi-retirement. I worked more than 9 hours yesterday. Today, not so much. Today I was on a mission to find sleepwear for Duncan. And do laundry. And apparently surf ebay for some more cloth diapers.

I’m using cloth diapers. I’m doing it. And washing them myself. Now that’s crazy. There’s nothing like a pail full of dirty cloth diapers and the smell of two-day-old baby pee. Mmm-hmm. But it’s very satisfying, all the same, to use a reusable diaper that hasn’t been bleached with chlorine and doesn’t add to a landfill heap. Sure, I have to wash and dry them, but it’s not a whole lot of effort or energy.

Time for me to recharge and get to bed. I don’t know what time I started this post, but it’s almost 11 pm now.

3 thoughts on “Milestones (for the Mummy)

  1. Jo, You better not bid on the same diapers I’m bidding on! I’ve been surfing for cloth diapers on ebay too… it’s so addictive. I’m not home now, but I know I’ve got some fluff waiting for me at home… JamTots shipped my BumGenius diaper and I can’t wait to try it. (if you order one, though, get it from – they’re the makers) Well, I guess I can’t wait for JAMES to try it.

  2. Aww! I hear you on the milestones and how tough it is to see them go by!

    About the formula, do you drink milk? If he had a dairy intolerance, you would’ve seen it long before now. The dairy protein gets into your breastmilk… you would’ve seen a reaction within a few weeks of his birth. We went through it with my son! Not to mention he also had a soy protein intolerance. I couldn’t afford hydrolysate formula so I cut out like 2/3 of my diet. Well, it was great for weight loss. 😉

    My guess is that some other ingredient in the formula is causing gas… I would try switching brands. You could also give him Motrin to see if it’s teething. If he still wakes up, it’s probably gas.

    Good luck! 🙂

  3. Jen – I’m going for DryBees (not that there are any right now) or Happy Heinys. I won some Little Lambs AIOs — want to try those as they’re kinda like pockets, but the insert is on the inside (rather than in a pocket). BunGenius (BumGenii?) do lookg cool, but at $17 each…

    Yeah, it is addictive. The unfortunate by-product is the laundry.

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