Meme on books

I got tagged for a meme15 facts and personal preferences about books. Here goes. Thanks Christina.

1. I’ve always loved reading. Absolutely loved it.

2. I used to devour books on school vacations. I have particularly fond memories of reading The Famous Five series one summer. A bunch of them were hand-me-downs from my brother and I couldn’t get enough of them.

3. My mum once tore my copy of Harry and the Hendersons (yes, the book, based on the movie, or vice versa) in half down the spine because I wasn’t sharing something with my brother. He was visiting us in Barbados for Christmas. I’d just gotten the book and was lost in reading it. Christopher was sweet and taped it back together for me.

4. I single-handedly installed bookshelves in my office last year so I’d have somewhere to house all of my books. I still don’t have enough room – that’s after donating a couple of boxes to my church‘s book sale last year and giving tons away through Bookcrossing.

5. I love the idea of Bookcrossing, but just don’t have the time to do it anymore. I think I only ever found one book I wanted to pick up and read. And I still haven’t read it yet.
6. My favorite book from my childhood is Watership Down.

7. I always wanted to be picked to read out loud in class at school. But they usually skipped over me and picked the kid who stumbled over his words.

8. Duncan has a trillion books, the bulk of which came from my sister-in-law who works as a teacher’s assistant in a school. He needs his own bookshelf (they’re on the ones in my office right now).

9. I’m currently reading Naked Conversations. All about blogging.

10. I was obsessed with reading books about pregnancy while I was pregnant with Duncan. But then I came home from the hospital and realized I didn’t have a single one about what to expect next. So I hopped on the computer and took care of that.

11. The last book I read for pleasure in its entireity (non-baby-related) was Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It came out in early/mid-July and I waddled my hugely pregnant body to the store and indulged myself. Then I spent 3 days reading it in between naps, half worried that I’d go into labor before finishing it and half worried that I’d finish it and have nothing else good to read while I was waiting.

12. While I was being admitted to the hospital, I was reading Jhumpa Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies. However I only made it through the first short story which revolves around the breakdown of a marriage after the wife gives birth to a stillborn baby. Great. Bubble of peace. Bubble of peace.

13. Duncan’s favorite book is That’s Not My Dinosaur. He “reads” it by himself and loves touching the different textures. Coming in a close second is What Lives in the Pond as it’s squishy and he can eat it.

14. I rarely use cookbooks, yet I own at least a dozen.

15. I love having hardback books on my bookshelf, but I prefer reading paperbacks. They’re easier to hold and I don’t worry about damaging them.

Now I’m supposed to tag 3 people that may or may not ever complete this. Linda, Jen and Diedra. You’re it, mommy friends.