Meeting the Magic

I met Magic Johnson today. And we had lunch.

Well, perhaps I didn’t quite meet him. I decided not to get in line to stand next to him and have my photo taken. I didn’t thrust out my hand as he passed by to introduce myself. And I was sitting at the next table at lunch (which, technically, I wasn’t even invited to). But I could see him and hear him chatting with all the people who rank higher than I do. Not that it matters.

He’s here at RIT this weekend as part of our Brick City parent/alumni/student weekend festival. He’s speaking in Clark Gymnasium — probably done by now, but I had to run back to the office and set up the VCRs to tape the news. Most of the media came out. 🙂 Yeay. I get to keep my job.

So while I didn’t actually get to meet the guy (not that he’d remember me tomorrow when he’s at his next gig), the bit I enjoyed was following him around campus as he went from one event to another with his little RIT entourage. It was other people’s reactions that got me. Heads turning. Eyes widening. Lips mouthing “Magic Johnson???” Ooooooh. That was the fun part. That and chatting with the camera guys.