I’ve been thinking about music and how it seems to have fallen out of my life now. That I haven’t picked up my guitar and played it since Duncan was born. It’s hiding in a corner of my office that I can barely get to with all the stuff in the way — maybe that’s part of it.And I’ve been thinking about how I used to do gigs until it got to not be fun anymore, and then I got pregnant anyway and wasn�t up for hauling around my PA system and entertaining people while all I felt like doing was hurling in the nearest toilet. That was the first three months. After that, I was just too tired.

Now I have a baby.

A friend of mine called me this week and asked me if I’d like to do a gig at Nazareth College. Not a huge payer, but decent enough for it to be worth it were I so inclined and prepared. I don�t think my finger tips could take 2 hours of guitar playing right now, even if I had the energy and someone to baby sit.

But it was interesting that I was thinking about gigging and someone called and offered me one.

I�d like some lucrative freelance writing opportunities now, please. ( Might as well ask, right? Put it out there. Let it be known. Manifest that into my reality.

And now back to working on my Web site to do my part in helping it come about.