Making Stuffies

In an attempt to get kids off the computer without a fuss, I suggested we make cuddly toys, aka stuffies. It’s come up a few times so today seemed like the day.

I’d purchased some various plush toy material for Emma for a class project and had leftover material from Halloween. Duncan chose the brown fuzzy stuff to make a hamster. Berry went for the pink fleece to make a kitty.

I would post patterns but, basically, I asked them to draw what they wanted it to look like. Then I made a pattern on a piece of paper and cut out 2 pieces. The body was one piece. The tail was another.

As neither child knows how to sew, I gave them a quick sewing lesson — running stitch for Duncan, over stitching for Berry (is that even the right word?) — knowing I’d need to go over it for them so all the stuffing wouldn’t fall out, but wanting them to get some practice and participate. It went fairly well, considering.

After stitching, we turned them right side out and stuffed. That was probably their favorite part. Then I sewed them up and added tails. I put a thick twisty tie I found in the kitchen drawer into Berry’s cat’s tail to give it some curling ability.

For some reason, Berry decided her cat should have fluffy white eyes. I recommend felt, not fuzzy white fabric. Fortunately, I talked her into felt for the mouth. Duncan insisted on ears and feet for his hamster (note that Berry’s cat doesn’t have legs…).

Once completed, and ready to become inducted into Sonic the Hedgehog’s band of Freedom Fighters, all that was left was giving them names. Duncan went for something simple: Chocolate. Berry, however, wanted a full and complete name for her creation. Kitty Cutie-Cat wasn’t enough. It needed a last name. Gustina was rejected. As was Freedom, as Robotnik would immediately know that the cat was out to defeat him if his last name was Freedom. So I suggested Evil, to fool Robotnik. And so Kitty Cutie-Cat Evil was christened and sent forth into battle.

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