Making money on the Net. Or not.

I was going to write this at 6 a.m. while I was awake after feeding Duncan. But then I went back to sleep.

I am putting my powers of procrastination to use.

I have this amazing talent that, when there’s something I don’t want to do for whatever reason, instead I spend my time doing other things that seem slightly less objectionable. In this way, I actually get stuff done. Eventually. And I even do the first thing that I was procrastinating about doing.

In this case, it’s writing queries for magazines. Instead of doing that, I’ve been exploring every other conceivable way of making a living without going into an office. Things I’ve learned so far:

Survey sites are scams.
I’ve been to a lot of them. Several hundred by now, probably. And I have yet to find one site that actually says it will pay me real money – not tokens that can presumably later be “cashed in” for real money – for my opinion.

Sure, a lot of people want to know a lot of demographic information about me and my family and our income and medical problems and how we feel about smoking in public. But I’m supposed to want to provide this info for the good of the country. Or something like that. I’m supposed to be honored that they care, that I can supposedly make their products better, and that I’ll be entered into a drawing to receive…something I probably don’t even need (unless it’s free groceries or gas! But no one actually gives that away).

I will not make a living playing games online.
Granted, I haven’t tried. But it doesn’t seem like a good idea. I can find other ways to waste time. 😉

I probably won’t make a living through Google’s AdSense program.
But I’m trying it out anyway. That’s the little box in the upper right corner that has a text ad in it. I might make it bigger. I might splash it across the page or down the side in a column. I don’t know yet. But I thought I’d try it out. This whole Pay Per Click thing intrigues me. Right now it’s not too obnoxious and I’m curious to see what kind of ads it pops up.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. And I’m now reduced to actually writing some queries (now that I’ve run out of ways to procrastinate). After lunch, of course.

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  1. I’ll click your google ads, and you let me know if it’s worth it! hehe!

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