Making a difference at Christmas

Would you choose to feed a child for 4 months or buy him a new set of clothes?

I was just asked that question by a friend of mine, who is helping children in Kenya. She’s about to make a return visit there and is looking for help with a project that she started during her last visit – buying new clothes for children who currently only have one outfit.

Becca spent some time in Nairobi, Kenya last year as a missionary, teaching pastors and children how to use computers and set up websites. Her goal is for the projects to be sustainable, so that they can continue on in her absence. Read more about it.

She writes, “The program we started while I was there has been keeping itself going since I left in May. The man in charge, a Kenyan named Henry, really wants to get Christmas outfits for the children – they currently only have one pair of clothes (for sleep/school/home/etc.).”

$7-10 USD will buy one outfit for a child. $2.40 USD will purchase food for one month.

I made a small donation through the donate button on Becca’s blog. That was easy. But how on earth can I decide on either clothing or feeding a child? Perhaps the only answer is to donate a little more.