Long days of summer

I feel like the days of summer are slipping by. I know, he’s only 2 weeks old, it’s not like I’ve been cooped up in the house for weeks. But we do mostly stay inside.

Why? I don’t know really. Because it’s not easy to navigate our 4 front doors (front door, screen door, porch door, screen door) with a baby, or the 3 doors out from the kitchen, then weave around the cars to the gate to the back garden to go and sit out there for a while.

The truth is, when Duncan’s awake, I’m usually just trying to get him to go back to sleep. I don’t pick him up and walk around with him all that much at this point. He’s heavy, I’m tired, and we haven’t figured out the sling, baby wrap or Snugli carrier yet. So into the bouncer he goes while I eat some breakfast or feed the cats.

And when Duncan is asleep, I can’t just be wandering around the garden unable to hear if he needs me.

Makes me wish we’d put in a back door directly onto the garden already. But that means turning the pantry into a half bathroom (so we have somewhere to put the cat litter box which is directly under the window that would become a door), which involved plumbing and…yeah, haven’t gotten to that home improvement project yet. 😉

(Blogger ate the rest of this post, full of lovely poetry about summer days and watering the garden and how summer days aren’t so long after all. But I can’t remember exactly what I wrote now, so it’s gone into the Internet ethers.)