Let’s just say the cats are relieved

Remember the Christmas photos of the cats last year? Oscar wore the elf hat and Hobbes had on the Santa hat, I believe.

Here’s the post with the photo of Hobbes.

Well, you know what’s great about having a baby? Someone else to dress up. šŸ™‚ I wonder who’ll be wearing the Santa hat this year…

As you can see in these photos, Duncan is modeling a lovely Wisconsin cheese hat, sent to us by Kevin’s cousins Joe and Sarah. Joe and Sarah got married on July 1, in Wisconsin, so we didn’t get to witness the celebrations. šŸ™ I don’t think any airline would have let me on a plane at that point in my pregnancy (9 days before my due date) and I really wasn’t up to an 8-hour drive with the possibility of going into labor and giving birth in some small town in the middle of nowhere. Of course, we now know that wasn’t going to happen. Hindsight is everything.

Anyway, in case the first photo doesn’t quite make it clear that what Duncan is wearing is, in fact, a wedge of cheese, here’s another where Kev decides to feed him the cheese that clearly shows the cheese’s wedginess and holiness.

Don’t worry, we haven’t started out one-month-old baby on solid foods yet, especially not plastic ones.

Speaking of which, today Duncan is one month old! He’s changed so much already – in subtle ways. He poops with less distress now, although sometimes burping still throws him off. He still gets the hiccups after most meals. But we haven’t had a puking incident (fingers crossed) in a couple of weeks now. He’s very active, likes to dance (or wiggle), has learned to keep his pacifier in his mouth and says “eh” a whole lot. And I couldn’t imagine life without him.