Let the nanny stealing begin!

We’ve sold our house (well, we have a buyer under contract), we have a target moving date and we’ve decided which city we’re moving to. Plus, I survived end-of-the-semester finals and getting the house ready to go on the market. That pretty much sums up the last 6 weeks of my life.

Now that the world knows we’re uprooting ourselves and trekking across the country, there’s a grab-her-while-you-can contest over our wonderful child care provider. Now, I knew we got lucky finding a good person to look after the kiddos while we worked. I’m not sure how well I would have fared over the last 2 years without her. I wish I could clone her and take her with us.

In the months leading up to our final decision to move, Kevin has expressed his concern about us finding our “nanny*” another family. Clearly this isn’t a problem.

I’ve had several conversations with friends and others who express their genuine sorrow at seeing us leave, then get a gleam in their eye when they realize it means that our nanny is now free to…say…come and work for them!

As it turns out, not only is she excellent and professional at what she does, but she’s also quite resourceful and has already lined something else up, leaving me unable to help out my friends by passing her along to them. It’s also occurred to me (although apparently not to everyone else) that she’s not a commodity to be bought and sold, and certainly not mine to decide where she goes next.

I do know that we are so going to miss her. Did I mention she’s helped me stay sane over the last 2 years? We are, however, very fortunate as my Mum’s moving with us (and moving in with us) so we’re trading in one nanny for another. 🙂 Or maybe even trading up.

(* We call her [unnamed for the sake of her privacy] our babysitter, because Nanny is what we call my Mum and child care provider is just too PC to make it out of my mouth repeatedly.)