Less blogging = more blogging (hopefully)

Sigh. Winter is approaching, I lost my cell phone in Ellison Park on Tuesday and the ROC outsider blog I was writing for the Rochester insider shall be no more.

Plus, exhausto-boy isn’t taking naps well and seems to be determined to take 1 afternoon nap a day. Which is fine. I just wish he’d get into a consistent routine so I know what to expect, can plan my day and know when I can work. Granted, he has had a mild cold and just got his 15-month cocktail of vaccinations yesterday, so that could be throwingww him off.

Presumably, maintaining one less blog will give me time/energy/ideas for this blog without feeling like I need to be a cool chick who actually goes out and does stuff. Instead I can write about how I don’t go anywhere because I’m at home working all the time I can!

This working-from-home gig is really taking off. Which is great. But setting up a new business needs lots of time and attention. And then once I have the basics in place (website, business cards, brochures), I have to go and find more clients. And then do the work that the clients offer me. Which is fine and great and wonderful. Just a little overwhemling some days lately.

In case you’re wondering why the demise of the ROC outsider blog, I’m told that the parent company that owns the insider (and the D&C) – Gannett (2 ts or 1?) has decided that paying bloggers is a legal liability. I’m not entirely clear why (I didn’t take notes) – because it makes them too much like an employee of the company, or because they might say things that offend someone who then sues Gannet. Something like that. And while I’m happy to maintain this blog for no pay, blathering on about who knows what, I can’t commit to doing it somewhere else instead, especially when life seems to be less about enjoying living in Rochester and more about just getting on with it. It’s OK. It was fun while it lasted. We’ll just move on. And my insurance is sending a new phone that should arrive tomorrow. 🙂