Last weekend

Yes, I know it’s Friday. I had grand plans to do this on Monday morning but I must have done something crazy like worked hard all day instead.

But another weekend is upon us. So here’s the recap from last weekend.

On Friday, I was greeted with these two loves looking out for me from the play structure:

We were going to go swimming, but I had a horrible migraine, so we kept it low-key.

Well, other than the new way to climb into the car:

On Saturday, there was jumping in the basement (when isn’t there?)

There was also a lot of fun with with a water slide in the front lawn:

On Sunday, for some reason, we became obsessed with hunting for snails in the garden. We found a lot of them. I seem to have an eagle eye for spotting snails.

The kids were excited (especially when I found two attached snails who were mating). And so was I. Snails = chicken protein source. 🙂 Duncan didn’t like the idea at all, however, and protested my plan to put them in a container to take home and feed to the chickens. Putting them in a container was fine, though. So we did that part.

Later, we went home, and had dinner on the back porch. There was watermelon eating:

And then there was singing:

I presume they learned the first song — along with alternate lyrics — at school.

It turns out that Duncan was right about feeding the snails to the chickens. Mostly because the chickens ignored them. They munched a couple, but didn’t go after them with the hearty gusto I expected. It was disappointing. I never thought I’d watch a snail escape:

This weekend looks to be a quiet one. I’d like to make it to the library, but everyone is coming down with colds, so it’ll probably involve movie-marathons and lying around moaning (the kids, not me). No promises on when you’ll end up hearing about it, though. 😉