Knitting for the digital age: Minecraft sweaters

The most awesome Mincraft creeper sweater ever.
The most awesome Minecraft creeper sweater ever. The eyes and mouth are pockets.

My kids are crazy for Minecraft. After I made Duncan a Minecraft creeper sweater (OMG, I did not blog about this. It is the most awesome Minecraft sweater ever), Berry initially wanted a similar sweater in skeleton form. But by the time I got ready to knit it, she’d gone off the idea.

custome Minecraft skin
Berry’s Minecraft skin

So after I finished Duncan’s Pikachu sweater and it was her turn for a hand knitted garment, she asked if I could knit her a sweater featuring her Minecraft skin. If you don’t know what a Minecraft skin is, it’s basically how your player (the person you move around in the game) looks. You can customize your skin to look however you want.

After some deliberation about how it would work, I realized it’s basically already laid out like a knitting pattern. I explained to Berry I’d have to stick with more basic colors – red, orange, yellow, blue, white, pink, grey and black – without all the slight shade variations. She assured me she was OK with that.

20150509_183337I’d stocked up on the main color yarn – Bernat Li’l Tots in All Blue – with the idea of knitting her a plain sweater. For her Mincreaft skin sweater, Berry wanted to have half sky and half grass, but the greenish color (Honey Dew) didn’t look right, so we went with an all blue background.

It was a fairly easy intarsia knit using a basic scoop neck pattern (that I keep in my head based on the gauge and desired length and width). I had all the other colors in about the right weight yarn in my stash – mostly Cascade Pacific (the white, grey and black from the rejected skeleton sweater) and some leftover red, yellow from Pikachu, a little Bernat Satin (Teal) some pink acrylic and Cascade orange from the Moshi Monster sweater (both were a little thin, but it worked fine)

For reasons I don’t yet understand, my neck openings have been a bit large on the last two sweaters I’ve knit the kids. I may have to go back to following a pattern again until I get it cemented in my brain.

20150604_162621It was a reasonably quick knit in nice, soft yarn, resulting in a cuddly, warm sweater. Berry loves it. She wears it all the time – eating frozen yogurt, making s’mores. It’s a sweater for any weather.

20150625_195110Adam says I should display my video game-themed sweaters in a gallery or museum someday. Perhaps once the kids have grown out of them, if there’s anything left, they can become retro relics admired behind glass.