Kiddo weekend update

It was a busy weekend.

First there was a birthday party at the bounce gym. With shopping for the present before hand. Somehow, we picked the perfect present – Aqua sand (sand that never gets wet) – for which the birthday boy had been begging for the past 9 months.

Duncan and Berry enjoyed the bounce gym. There was bouncing, swinging, climbing, monkeying around and friends from school. What more could you want? Chocolate cake? There was that, too.

I especially enjoyed this piece of equipment. It made a perfect resting spot. Until small children decided to rock me to sleep with loud giggles.

I didn’t notice a lot of the other parents getting in the action with their kids, other than the birthday boy’s Dad who was running around after their youngest one. Most of them sat on the sidelines and watched. Duncan and Berry insisted I join in, which I was happy enough to do. I was also happy when it was time to go home.

On Sunday, we had our usual outing to church. The kids go through phases in which they are alternately easy and difficult to dress in the mornings. The same seems to be true for getting them to sleep at night.

Berry is in her difficult phase, insisting on wearing the same purple tie-dye dress that’s now 2 sizes too small every day. Please, someone buy her a new tie-dye dress in size 4! 🙂 She’s gotten quite picky about which clothes she wears and really likes dresses and tights on a Sunday.

During our Target outing, everyone (but me) got new shoes, even Nanny. Duncan needed them. Berry could probably do with some non-sneaker summery shoes. And they were on sale.

Here they are in their Sunday glory, new shoes on, munching away during fellowship after church.

Finally, here’s sweet Berry this morning as I was leaving for work. It’s Spring Break week so they’re home. Berry decided to climb into my bed with Rupert, my childhood teddy bear.

And now, I’m back at work, into the swing of things. The kids are at home with Nanny, playing World of Good on the Wii, diligently working in math workbooks, reading books and probably causing happy mayhem.