Keeping busy

So to keep myself from going insane at home feeling like I’m just sitting around waiting, I’ve come up with a list of projects I can do, presumably, while still pregnant.

I hate waiting. It’s just one of the things I’m really not good at.

And the good thing about making a list of things to do is that by procrastinating on some of the items, I do other things instead… (this strangely is how I’m usually most productive.) Like, oh, I don’t feel like finishing that MPI lesson, I’ll just redesign the church’s Web site instead. And when that becomes a bore and frustration, sweeping and mopping the entire upstairs (not that it’s very big) seems like a pleasant idea.

Here’s the site look so far. I can’t get the navigation to actually work (in html format, this is just one big JPG). It’s being frustrating to me. I’ll get it eventually, though.

So that’s what I’ve been up to today, plus mopping and sweeping, and doing some laundry. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.