Joanna’s Eugene debut

It’s been so long since I’ve gigged. I think my last real gig was right before I got pregnant with Duncan in October 2004. 5 1/2 years? Really. I haven’t written a new song in at least that long.

I did perform a few songs at church one week, but that hardly counts as a gig. Neither does an open mic, but it’s what I’ve got going for me at the moment.

I have no proof – no photos of videos – but you’ll have to believe me that I was at the Monroe St. Cafe open mic night yesterday. Adam can testify that I was there.

It’s apparently quite popular. By the time I arrived at 7:30 (it started at 7 pm) there were 13 people ahead of me. Given that each person has 10 minutes, that’s more than a 2-hour wait. I think they were only on the second person, too.

We settled in, with spicy chai tea, and enjoyed the varied performances. Some were quite good, some funny, many quite “Eugene.” I enjoyed the duo playing songs about not letting Corporate America win. And the irony that she was wearing an Old Navy shirt.

There were a couple of spoken word acts – one recited poems about the state of our society and one about future cyborg humans. Maybe one day I’ll get to become a bionic cyborg mermaid. Apparently in 2012.

It got to be past 9 pm, and I hit a wall of tiredness. We got up to go home – there were still 4 people ahead of me – but the host convinced someone to switch places with me so I bumped up a few places. I must look like I can play music or something.

It was good to get out my purple guitar and play a few songs. People quieted down and listened to my quiet, original “Daydream Song” (there was no mic at this open mic), sang along with “Let It Be,” laughed in the appropriate spots of “Wilder Than Her” and applauded each song at the end. It felt good to be performing for an audience — honestly, that crowded cafe had more people than some of my gigs in the past.

My finger tips are still a bit sore today. I should toughen them up.

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  1. Good on ya! Sounds great apart from the tea at that time of the evening:-) Paly She’s an Angel next time.

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